Physical and emotional support for your team in just one click

The first online platform with Wellness professionals


Individual sessions through video calls


The people on your team will be able to access our platform and book private online sessions.

  • Professionals in psychology and physiotherapy.
  • Our professionals are part of the Suara team.
  • It is very simple, reserving a session you receive an email with a link to access your online session.

Group wellness online sessions


Som Benestar offers the option to participate in group sessions. You can design in advance a session planning for physical or emotional well-being.

  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation
  • Stretching at the office
  • Body awareness …

We materialize the values ​​of companies

Accompanying teams in their well-being and health

Offering HR support

We are cooperative

Improving the work environment

Experience supports us, we are Suara

We are a non-profit social initiative cooperative with almost 40 years of accumulated experience in the personal care sector, responding to the global life cycle of people.

As a cooperative, our vision is people-centered, jointly owned and democratically run by all members to meet a common goal.

Suara Cooperativasorganizational model empowers people to collectively achieve their goals, reinforces social and human capital, and develops the community.

We are improving these figures

€ Billion

According to the WHO this is the amount lost in terms of labor productivity for people with depression.


Sick leave

The latest report from Activo (2020) indicates that this is the number of casualties due to pain in the lumbar area in Spain.


Of Workers

According to Deusto Salud, this is the number of people who have suffered some physical discomfort during teleworking.

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